Three Tips to Evaluate Your Customer Experience

Posted by Rick Davidson on August 21, 2015

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If your customer service center frequently receives complaints about your order system, if you experience a high rate of customers abandoning the order process before completion, or, if your team regularly handles complaints about products and services on social media platforms, it’s time to get a clearer picture of your customer experience…and fast. That’s why we suggest the following three tips to efficiently and effectively evaluate your CX:

1. Become a Customer – If you’re not already a customer of your own organization, understanding your customers’ viewpoint is a bit of a stretch. That’s why we always recommend becoming a customer, as a means to build a clear perspective on both the best and worst elements of your customer service design.

2. Analyze the Data – Carefully evaluate the data from your customer service channels, along with comments posted to online review websites and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Pinterest, Instagram). This will help you get a fuller picture of your CX, and assist you in identifying key elements in your processes and procedures that should be addressed.

3. Solicit the Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) – Conduct formal surveys and focus groups with customers periodically, to seek their opinions on their experiences and help identify service roadblocks.

Three Tips to Evaluate Your Customer Experience

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