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omni-channel migration - tactical foundation

Key to Success in Omni-Channel Migration: Part 2 – Preparing the Tactical Foundation for an Omni-Channel Migration

Migrating to a new Omni-Channel platform, whether cloud based or not, is a critically important business initiative for many companies that are seeking to advance their customer experience and improve competitiveness in an increasingly challenging business environment. But if the company is not well prepared with comprehensive strategic and tactical foundations, we often find that…

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omni-channel migration strategic alignment

Key to Success in Omni-Channel Migration: Part 1 – Driving Strategic Executive Alignment

Migrations to an omni-channel platform – generally one of many parts of a broader Customer Experience (CX) transformation – are significant and challenging initiatives. While most companies have begun to enable many channels for customer interactions, few have fully transitioned to a unified platform, and even fewer have done any part of this easily. However,…

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Guide to Building Healthy CX

Guide to Building a Healthy Customer Experience [Guide]

The Customer Experiences (CX) that companies provide to their prospects and customers all require investment, focus, commitment, expertise and coordination to stay “healthy.” For instance, if a company’s CX leaders believed they could simply invest in a best-in-class omni-channel platform, they would be mistaken to assume that subsequent interactions with customers across an array of…

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Holistic CX Design White Paper

Holistic Approach to Enterprise CX Design [White Paper]

The universal objective of Customer Experience (CX) design is to deliver exceptional interactions that quick- ly transition prospects to customers; drive loyalty and customer penetration; and ideally, reduce or optimize internal costs when delivering those experiences. The means to those ends are much more complex, and identifying where to prioritize limited resources to pursue those…

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Business Agility

Why Now is the Time for Business Agility

Many business leaders today face the challenge of transforming their organizations to compete in a world that is defined by increasing levels of uncertainty, chaos and complexity. A global pandemic, social justice concerns, rapidly evolving customer expectations, the changing nature of work – these and other factors are driving the need to create new business…

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CX at Sub-Zero case

“Time to Weed the Garden” – How CIOs Can Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Are companies making it difficult for our customers to use our products or consume the services we offer? Have they put business rules in place over time that now serve as barriers to delivering great customer experiences? As a consumer, you know the rules – the ones that constrain our options when we dare to…

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Next Generation Customer Experience

Next Generation Customer Experience [White Paper]

Technology innovation is rapidly unlocking possibilities affecting all aspects of our lives. While Customer Experience is hardly as important as the innovations driving healthcare or as glamorous as the capabilities of autonomous vehicles and space travel, effective and progressive Customer Experiences are a critical driver of corporate success. In fact, studies indicate that poor customer…

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The Four Dimensions of the Customer Experience

The Four Dimensions of the Customer Experience [White Paper]

To succeed in today’s digital environment, companies must embrace the Customer Experience (CX) as an omni-channel composition of many interactions. In addition to a deep understanding of all the possible ways customers may engage with your organization, a similar level of understanding of customers, products and usage patterns, in conjunction with those engagement channels, provides…

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Modern ID Management

Modern Identity Management Promises to Improve BOTH Security and Customer Experiences [White Paper]

We are at an inflection point – the digital economy has added complexity and cost to the process of delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX), while at the same time, technology innovations have raised customer expectations regarding how that experience should unfold. The challenge of providing high quality CX is complicated by policies, processes and regulatory…

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Customer-centric business transformation

Customer Centric Business Transformation [White Paper]

Businesses and entire industries have been turned upside down seemingly overnight by new market entrants that correctly identified and capitalized on ways to provide better customer experiences. It is not just newcomers who beat the competition and acquired larger market shares through a customer experience (CX) focus: Apple is an example of a pre-existing giant…

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