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omni-channel migration - tactical foundation

Key to Success in Omni-Channel Migration: Part 2 – Preparing the Tactical Foundation for an Omni-Channel Migration

Migrating to a new Omni-Channel platform, whether cloud based or not, is a critically important business initiative for many companies that are seeking to advance their customer experience and improve competitiveness in an increasingly challenging business environment. But if the company is not well prepared with comprehensive strategic and tactical foundations, we often find that…

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omni-channel migration strategic alignment

Key to Success in Omni-Channel Migration: Part 1 – Driving Strategic Executive Alignment

Migrations to an omni-channel platform – generally one of many parts of a broader Customer Experience (CX) transformation – are significant and challenging initiatives. While most companies have begun to enable many channels for customer interactions, few have fully transitioned to a unified platform, and even fewer have done any part of this easily. However,…

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Business Agility

Why Now is the Time for Business Agility

Many business leaders today face the challenge of transforming their organizations to compete in a world that is defined by increasing levels of uncertainty, chaos and complexity. A global pandemic, social justice concerns, rapidly evolving customer expectations, the changing nature of work – these and other factors are driving the need to create new business…

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Business process redesign

In Process Redesign/Optimization Efforts, VCVE : I Metrics are the Key to Success

Process redesign efforts can be daunting. Organizations have many lines of business and functional departments, myriad business applications and complex workflows that have evolved over the years, all of which are frequently only partially documented. However, by examining a few key metrics, organizations can streamline re-engineering analysis and quickly identify areas with the potential to…

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customer experience team

Five Key Steps to Align Customer Experience with Evolving Customer Expectations [White Paper]

Today’s most competitive companies have committed to providing effective Customer Experiences (CX). Those that are considered CX leaders in their respective market segments, typically outperform the S&P by 35 percentage points. Conversely, poor customer service costs US companies over $60 billion annually. According to Forrester, 72 percent of businesses indicate that CX improvement is now…

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Legacy technology

How to Avoid Extinction in the Age of Digital Disruptive Technology [White Paper]

Our latest white paper focuses on the urgent need for many companies to find their way from their current status struggling with legacy technologies to generating competitive advantages with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here are some clear warning signs that your organization is lagging behind and needs to move into a…

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The Internet of Things (IoT) Is Transforming Everyday Products

Practical Guidance for Manufacturers Starting Their IoT Journey

If you are a manufacturer, you are likely investigating use cases where the Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance your products’ capabilities, provide more insights on how your products are used by your customers and, of course, increase product sales. As IoT-enabled products become more and more mainstream, your customers will come to expect smart…

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