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Why Problems Persist

Why Problems Persist – Key Blockers of Business Agility

When the problem-solving equation isn’t adding up, the solution is often foundational. Business leaders face many challenges today as they attempt to improve business agility in response to rapidly changing demands of the market. Technology can often be seen as a panacea, providing a shortcut to business transformation where hard choices about products, channels, business…

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Guided Autonomy

Guided Autonomy Governance Model [White Paper]

Over the past several years, the tension has grown between corporate IT and the departments it serves throughout the organization. This tension exists for many reasons, but is escalating as departments are increasingly acquiring their own technology to meet their specific business needs. Corporate IT departments often refer to this as “Shadow IT.” While the…

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Business process redesign

In Process Redesign/Optimization Efforts, VCVE : I Metrics are the Key to Success

Process redesign efforts can be daunting. Organizations have many lines of business and functional departments, myriad business applications and complex workflows that have evolved over the years, all of which are frequently only partially documented. However, by examining a few key metrics, organizations can streamline re-engineering analysis and quickly identify areas with the potential to…

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