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Cimphoni is a team of highly experienced IT and business consultants whose focus is transforming enterprise performance through the application of emerging technologies that deliver exceptional, measurable results for our clients.


Cimphoni's services are aligned with many of the strategic imperatives facing executives today. Our consultants have insights and experience across key elements of business operations, technology and finance. We effectively align both C-Suite executives and front-line staff around strategy and plans as we manage teams, develop technical solutions, crunch the numbers, deploy projects and lead change. Cimphoni experts will supplement the skills and experience of your team to deliver real business value.

Business Agility

Improving how people, process and technology are able to sense, respond and adapt quickly to the environment.

Digital Transformation

Leveraging innovative technologies and vast data sources to create value and deep insight for your customers and internal operations.

Customer Experience

Creating engaging systems for employees to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers on their terms.

Advanced Analytics

Delivering predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics that provide real-time guidance for operational decision making.

Artificial Intelligence

Discovering insights that have the potential to transform your business by turning data into a competitive advantage.

IT Performance Improvement

Providing experienced leadership to enhance the agility, efficiency, reliability and responsiveness of your technology function.

Technology Architecture

Building an adaptive technology framework that incorporates relevant and innovative technologies for your business.

Interim CIO, CDO & CTO

Leading the IT function or mentoring senior IT leaders, typically during periods of transition or change.

Critical Initiative Leadership

Aligning executives around mission-critical initiatives and leading front-line resources through complex implementations.

business optimization and robotic process automation

Streamlining Home Equity Loan Processing via Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A Wisconsin credit union with more than $4 billion in assets turned to Cimphoni when it sought to drive operational efficiencies and introduce technology innovation to enhance customer service. We determined that the credit union’s home equity lending line of business was particularly well-suited for improvement and innovation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and led the project from detailed process documentation and project justification through organizational change management and implementation of the technology solution. We completed end-to-end automation of home equity loans from application submission and validation to eligibility and offer determination to generation of reports and final documentation across multiple internal systems. Leveraging our metric-driven business optimization approach, we were able to deliver meaningful improvements in labor productivity, cycle time and compliance. We also identified numerous additional areas for future RPA implementations based on projected ROI.

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omni-channel CX 2

Transforming to an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

An association with 6 million members turned to Cimphoni for a multi-year initiative to streamline and evolve its customer experience across multiple lines of business and more than 170 locations. We spearheaded business strategy development, omni-channel customer experience (CX) design, the vendor selection process and the establishment of an ongoing program management structure. We were responsible for rationalizing disparate technology vendor platforms from 13 down to one and changing the technology organization’s mindset from favoring onsite solutions to embracing agile and cloud-based platforms. We also established a new organizational design, including the creation of a CX function that optimized the workforce around the new CX strategy.

retail ecommerce

Technology Modernization for Ecommerce

A large U.S. retail firm had a collection of ecommerce properties that it inherited through acquisitions, which were all running on separate Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) platforms, causing challenges with application development and governance. A consultant on our team optimized the e-commerce ecosystem by moving a single system for subsequent migration to a microservices-based platform. We also developed continuous integration and deployment pipelines, and organized release management, making it possible for a bi-weekly release cadence with no production downtimes. We also achieved a 100% increase in features per release capacity and 90% reduction in escape defects while accelerating the development of a new platform by two months.

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Banking RPA

Leading the Digital Transformation of a Latin American National Bank

One of the largest national banks in Latin America turned to Cimphoni consultants for their digital transformation initiative. We assigned an interdisciplinary team of organizational, bank domain and technology architects to perform a comprehensive assessment of IT and operations, following foundational and bank domain architecture methodologies (TOGAF, COBIT, ADKAR, among others). After extensive leadership and employee engagement, we delivered an initial business architecture blueprint and a five-year roadmap for the business transformation, including year one priority programs that are in development today. Cimphoni consultants are delivering not only the strategy and technical implementation, but also guiding the organizational culture transformation that is key to the success of the long-term strategy.


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