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CIOs and CMOs Should Co-Lead Customer Experience (CX) Initiatives

Creating a Lean, Agile IT Organization in 18 Months

When a travel company in Northern California, Nevada and Utah was carved out from a larger entity, they called on Cimphoni to serve as their Interim CIO and effectively set up their new IT organization to be agile and responsive to business changes, while enabling cost-effective scaling up or down to align with business needs. We provided hands-on project leadership and successfully completed the carve-out in 18 months, delivering a 40$ reduction in IT operating expenses. This included upgrading 2400 personal computers in the headquarters and retail locations, defining and deploying numerous SaaS applications, implementing an outsourced service desk and outsourced telecom managed services, migrating app hosting, and recruiting an experienced CIO to lead the organization when we were done.

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SubZero BI case study

Sub-Zero Wolf’s Business Intelligence Transformation

Realizing the full potential of Business Intelligence (BI) across the enterprise is a clear priority for many businesses, including Sub-Zero Wolf, a large luxury home appliance manufacturer. Cimphoni led the development of a business intelligence strategic roadmap and provided an Interim BI Manager to create a unifying BI framework for the company. Over six months, we successfully aligned business intelligence initiatives with overall business objectives, built an Operational Data Store, increased development velocity by 50%, mentored and transitioned an internal architect to the new BI Manager role and created an ongoing prioritization and execution process.

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omni-channel CX 2

Transforming to an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

An association with 6 million members turned to Cimphoni for a multi-year initiative to streamline and evolve its customer experience across multiple lines of business and more than 170 locations. We spearheaded executive strategy development, omni-channel customer experience (CX) design, the vendor selection process and the establishment of an ongoing program management structure. We were responsible for rationalizing disparate technology vendor platforms and changing the technology organization’s mindset from favoring onsite solutions to embracing agile and cloud-based solutions. We also established a new organizational design, including the creation of a newly formed function optimizing CX and employee engagement.


The Cimphoni team embraces the premise that technology can drive amazing innovation and transform businesses. These insights can be found in our white papers, produced by our highly experienced technologists and business leaders on subjects such as technology-enabled transformation, creating enterprise agility, improving customer experience, incorporating elements of machine learning (artificial intelligence), creating an "intelligent" enterprise, harnessing big data, and exploiting the Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing capabilities to improve products and services.

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