Enterprise Transformation Underwritten by Technology

Every business brings its own unique set of competencies and capabilities that enable it to compete effectively. Each company has its own context – that is to say its own strengths and weaknesses in the market. Cimphoni recognizes there is no “cookie cutter” approach to transforming businesses using digital technologies. Therefore, Cimphoni seeks to find the most relevant technology and business solutions that will distinguish companies from their competitors and create a compelling value proposition for customers.

Digital transformation today is really about capturing and harnessing value from data. Using data and the insights gained from it to improve business performance, create new products and services, change operating models and stay close to evolving customer trends is the difference between winning and losing in today’s marketplace.

Cimphoni enables organizations to quickly sense and respond to changes in marketplace dynamics and make the necessary operational adjustments to capitalize on opportunities. The following are just some of the Digital Transformation services that Cimphoni utilizes to identify, assess and pursue opportunities that your business faces:

  • Business/IT Agility
  • Value Stream Mapping & Business Process Redesign
  • Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Upgrading/Replacing Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement
  • Improving the Digital Core – enterprise architecture, master data management and middleware/integration

If you need assistance with a digital transformation initiative for your organization, Cimphoni can guide your team through the necessary steps. We can start with a “SnapShot” capability assessment across the business to discover and prioritize improvement opportunities. Or, if you have a specific area of the business that needs attention, we can start there as well.

Related Case Studies

Interim CIO

Interim CIO Transforms IT Performance at Theme Park

A well-known $1.4 billion theme park engaged Cimphoni to lead its IT function over a 15-month period with a focus on deploying new IT-enabled business solutions that improved the guest experience via integrated customer engagement channels outside of the park and in-park features like Quick Queue and a Pass Member loyalty program Our solutions increased both strategic and organic revenue growth with initiatives including a variable ticket pricing/yield management program, and improved back office business costs with a redesigned procure-to-pay process. Cimphoni also led several initiatives that reduced IT spending by 20% through renegotiation of vendor contracts, IT staff/contractor realignment and rationalization of infrastructure and applications. We implemented several IT service management processes that engaged business leaders in prioritization of IT investments and provisioning of IT resources, addressed PCI DSS compliance challenges and developed an enterprise architecture that provided a technical foundation for future IT investments.

IT assessment

Life Sciences Information Technology Assessment

An $800 million life sciences company requested an assessment of its IT function with the objective to improve IT agility and speed, the effectiveness of Run-Grow-Transform spend and ensure future IT investments delivered the expected business value. Certain elements of the company’s IT function were already decentralized and located in several business units. Initially, this improved the pace at which new IT investments were deployed. Over time, however, this decentralization came at a cost – increasing systems complexity, resulting in reduced business agility and longer time-to-value for IT investments. To address the complexity, Cimphoni recommended two initiatives: implementation of Guided Autonomy and deployment of an IT asset discovery platform. Guided Autonomy specified a framework to optimize speed, cost and complexity of the computing environment while also delivering expected business value of IT investments. The IT asset discovery platform provided an inventory of existing computing assets, which identified opportunities to rationalize these assets and reduce Run-Grow cost and complexity.

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Banking RPA

Leading the Digital Transformation of a Latin American National Bank

One of the largest national banks in Latin America turned to Cimphoni consultants for their digital transformation initiative. We assigned an interdisciplinary team of organizational, bank domain and technology architects to perform a comprehensive assessment of IT and operations, following foundational and bank domain architecture methodologies (TOGAF, COBIT, ADKAR, among others). After extensive leadership and employee engagement, we delivered an initial business architecture blueprint and a five-year roadmap for the business transformation, including year one priority programs that are in development today. Cimphoni consultants are delivering not only the strategy and technical implementation, but also guiding the organizational culture transformation that is key to the success of the long-term strategy.


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