Deliver Holistically Designed Experiences and Drive Higher Levels of Engagement

You understand both the importance of providing customer experiences that meet ever-increasing demands and expectations. But you also understand the challenge in doing so.

  • Executives and functional leaders are not always aligned on approaches and priorities.
  • Many decisions are decentralized resulting in silo’d designs and disjointed technology portfolios.
  • Initiatives are frequently myopic in scope and aren’t aligned with a holistic approach to customer experiences.
  • Customer-centricity is sometimes compromised by prioritization of operational efficiencies.
  • Journey maps generally focus on customer perceptions and don’t effectively describe the details of processes and systems that support each interaction.
  • Internally, organizations are not able to effectively evaluate and implement the array initiatives that can improve experiences and engagements.

At Cimphoni, we understand the underlying components of a successful CX strategy, and we leverage our expertise to align your people, processes and technology to deliver outstanding customer and employee experiences. Our focus is to enable your customers to engage with you on their own terms through their preferred engagement channels (e.g., voice, chat, mobile, email, physical) while ensuring that employees have what they need to focus on their customers instead of their systems and applications. We’ll also identify opportunities to leverage the latest technology to remain one step ahead of your customers’ expectations while also leaping ahead of the competition – driving customer loyalty and increased revenue.

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Companies and their technology partners are much more successful with solution implementations when they are strategically aligned and tactically prepared. To that end, Cimphoni provides:

  • Assurance of executive and cross-functional alignment on vision and objectives.
  • End-to-end experience designs illustrating process and systems flows that clarify priorities.
  • Validation of internal readiness – technically, operationally, financially, and culturally.
  • Marketplace expertise with deep knowledge of platform and services vendors and experience negotiating contracts.
  • Oversight of complex implementations spanning multiple vendors and internal resources.

Cimphoni can guide your team through the necessary steps to effectively address the challenges you are facing as your team strives to deliver exceptional experiences and achieve lasting engagement levels with customers.

If you need assistance improving the customer and employee experiences in your organization, Cimphoni can guide your team through the necessary steps. We can start with a “SnapShot” capability assessment across the business to discover and prioritize improvement opportunities. Or, if you have a specific area of the business that needs attention, we can start there as well.

Related Case Studies

omni-channel cx migration

Omni-Channel Migration – Avaya to Genesys Cloud

Cimphoni led a major Customer Experience (CX) transformation starting with the retirement of legacy channel solutions including Avaya, and the transition to Genesys Cloud. Our work began by interviewing stakeholders to assess their operational and technical environments, writing the RFP and leading the evaluation and final vendor selection. Cimphoni negotiated contracts for implementation services and 5-year software and support agreements. We managed the overall implementation comprising a cross-functional client team and five external vendors. The platform was implemented for over 4,500 corporate, contact center and retail employees spanning 19 lines of business. The solution enabled four customer interaction channels built across over 400 Genesys Queues and included integrations with third-party Workforce Management (WFM) and multiple internal CRM/systems of record. The project culminated in the formation of new internal teams, new governance and workflow processes and a strong foundation to build upon.

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Centralized Telephony

Centralized Telephony Improves Post-Merger Customer Experience

When a large consumer travel association merged, the organization discovered it had five disparate telephony platforms spanning multiple vendors four overlapping dial plans requiring new extensions for every employee and four distinct workforce optimization (WFO) vendors with a variety of operational processes. Cimphoni standardized and centralized telephony, workforce optimization and business processes for the organization’s contact centers and 140+ retail locations in 10 months, well ahead of the 18-24 month target. The new unified capabilities drove nearly $1 million in staffing efficiencies, and the unified platform improved the overall customer experience.

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CX at Sub-Zero case

Redefining the Customer Experience at Sub-Zero Wolf

Cimphoni enabled this privately-held luxury home appliance company to create seamless integration between its sales, marketing and showroom operations in order to improve the customer experience throughout its distributor and dealer networks. We also improved the company’s sales conversion through the design and implementation of improved sales processes, marketing automation and quoting capabilities, as well as implemented other best practice technologies that now enable the company to consistently measure campaign, showroom and dealer effectiveness.

omni-channel CX 2

Transforming to an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

An association with 6 million members turned to Cimphoni for a multi-year initiative to streamline and evolve its customer experience across multiple lines of business and more than 170 locations. We spearheaded business strategy development, omni-channel customer experience (CX) design, the vendor selection process and the establishment of an ongoing program management structure. We were responsible for rationalizing disparate technology vendor platforms from 13 down to one and changing the technology organization’s mindset from favoring onsite solutions to embracing agile and cloud-based platforms. We also established a new organizational design, including the creation of a CX function that optimized the workforce around the new CX strategy.


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