Next Generation Customer Experience [White Paper]

Posted by Ruben Moffett on August 9, 2020

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Technology innovation is rapidly unlocking possibilities affecting all aspects of our lives. While Customer Experience is hardly as important as the innovations driving healthcare or as glamorous as the capabilities of autonomous vehicles and space travel, effective and progressive Customer Experiences are a critical driver of corporate success. In fact, studies indicate that poor customer service costs companies more than $62 billion a year and soon the experience someone has with a brand will be a more important purchasing differentiator than price or the product itself.

And while technology advancements have already facilitated vastly different experiences than what was possible a decade ago, the next generation of the Customer Experience represents change at an exponential rate. The capabilities that innovative technologies provide are giving us exciting glimpses into what is possible now and what is just around the corner, affecting each stage in the Customer Journey.

To learn more about what’s next in customer experience strategy, download our white paper, “Next Generation Customer Experience.”

Cimphoni White Paper: Next Generation Customer Experience