How to Avoid Extinction in the Age of Digital Disruptive Technology [White Paper]

Posted by Rick Davidson on February 17, 2020

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Legacy technology

Our latest white paper focuses on the urgent need for many companies to find their way from their current status struggling with legacy technologies to generating competitive advantages with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here are some clear warning signs that your organization is lagging behind and needs to move into a higher gear:

  1. Your CIO does not have a seat at the table regarding your corporate strategy, innovation or research and development (R&D) investments.
  2. Your customer experience (CX) is not unified across all customer engagement channels (physical, web, mobile, chat, social, email, direct mail).
  3. Your supply chain is not fully integrated to ensure raw materials, parts and finished goods are always available when needed.
  4. You are beginning to see market share loss to digital savvy competitors or emerging technology “pure-plays.”
  5. Online customers are abandoning their shopping carts and/or complaining about the buyer experience or service experience after products have been purchased.
  6. You have a “tsunami” of data that you are capturing, but you lack the ability to quickly analyze and capture insights from the data that enable strategic decisions.
  7. Data is not accessible across the organization due to lack of integration from one software platform to the next, impacting productivity and diminishing customer service.
  8. Disruptive products or services are invading your space, and they’re coming from existing companies outside of your industry or new market entrants with superior technology.
  9. You lack insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviors, which prevents you from anticipating their needs and proactively developing products and services that meet those needs.
  10. Your IT organization is too focused on maintaining legacy systems and doesn’t have the ability or capacity to respond quickly to market changes.

Download the white paper to learn more, and be sure to check out our Digital Transformation services.