Guided Autonomy Governance Model [White Paper]

Posted by Rick Davidson on May 13, 2021

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Over the past several years, the tension has grown between corporate IT and the departments it serves throughout the organization. This tension exists for many reasons, but is escalating as departments are increasingly acquiring their own technology to meet their specific business needs. Corporate IT departments often refer to this as “Shadow IT.” While the business finds this DIY technology management necessary to meet speed and agility requirements, corporate IT finds it alarming due to the lack of governance and security controls which present risks to the organization.
Guided Autonomy

Cimphoni has developed the Guided Autonomy Governance Model that is built to resolve this tension between corporate IT and business-led IT, which balances the needs of the organization as a whole and respects the needs of both sides of this argument. Our white paper, “Guided Autonomy Governance Model” presents the solution for CIOs and senior leaders to bring peace to the provision of technology across the organization. It includes:

  • A model for building consensus on authority and accountability
  • Encouraging agreement on constraints that manage the risk/reward tradeoff, and
  • Acceptance of some degree of chaos in order to go faster.

The white paper also defines four classes of applications based on a mix of corporate vs. business-led IT involvement.

If your organization needs a solution to the tension between corporate It and “shadow IT” within various departments, this white paper is for you.