Customer Centric Business Transformation [White Paper]

Posted by Ruben Moffett on August 6, 2020

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Businesses and entire industries have been turned upside down seemingly overnight by new market entrants that correctly identified and capitalized on ways to provide better customer experiences. It is not just newcomers who beat the competition and acquired larger market shares through a customer experience (CX) focus: Apple is an example of a pre-existing giant that ignited exponential growth through a renewed focus on its customers. Their success spread across all business lines, providing customers with expanded access, functionality and flexibility – from mobile phones to laptops and tablets to music and media to wearables. This customer-centric transformation resurrected Apple from its struggles in the late 1990s to being ranked as the world’s most valuable brand.

In each of the examples of success discussed in this white paper, the common thread is that the company inspected their segment with the eyes of a customer. These companies focused on areas where customers were not satisfied with their experiences and choices, and provided those customers with flexibility, power and control. Learn more about these success stories and how you can replicate them for your business by downloading “Customer-centric Business Transformation is the Key to Market Leadership.”