Cloud Security – Extending Your Cyber Fortress to the Cloud [White Paper]

Posted by Rick Davidson on August 9, 2020

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Is your organization considering a move from on-premise systems to the cloud, but concerned about information security? Are you already using the cloud, but uncertain about how well your networks and data are protected? The transition to cloud computing is transforming businesses and IT departments worldwide, yet all too often, security is an afterthought. It shouldn’t be.

There have been many examples of data breaches due to security gaps in cloud computing, and one of the most glaring in recent history was a leading telecommunications company’s exposure of more than 14 million customer records. The vulnerability that was exposed to hackers in this case centered on a contact center system that generated log files with confidential data, which was stored at an unsecure cloud location.

Cloud computing seems omnipresent with promises of inexpensive, pay-as-you-go computing and storage resources that are available on demand and are tailored to your needs. There are a variety of cloud computing models available where shared third-party data centers host part or all of your computing and storage infrastructure. Organizations may have their enterprise applications and data distributed across multiple cloud vendors and cloud computing models with limited tools to manage confidential data. In some cases, the information technology function may not even be aware of all of the cloud computing services that their enterprise is utilizing. The lack of oversight of this distributed computing and storage environment is the core cyber security challenge with cloud computing.

Learn how to protect your organization’s cloud-based data in our white paper, “Cloud Security – Extending your Cyber Fortress to the Cloud.”