Think you are a fit?

What does it take to be part of our team? Certainly a passion for technology and the role it plays in transforming businesses. But even more important is a desire to continue to learn, explore and innovate. We believe that life is a journey of learning. In fact, we learn as much from our customers as they learn from us. Successful innovation requires a change in perspective as well as mind-set. We want individuals that have strong operating backgrounds, but are also willing to change their own mental models as they learn more.


Ask Questions Creative solutions come from avoiding well-worn paths. By seeking to understand our customers’ needs first, we demonstrate we’re not simply technologists or experts in certain business domains. We are problem solvers. Share Information None of us is as smart as all of us. We encourage our team members to share information and experiences. We might bring you onboard for your skills and experience, but we will develop you by giving you assignments that challenge your thinking and allow you to grow professionally. Know Your Team We are individuals. We respect the fact that each of us has individual strengths and weaknesses. We have interests, hobbies and unique perspectives that we bring to bear on everything we do. We are also a team. We leverage our collective perspectives and approaches to arrive at the possible set of solutions for our customers.

Experience Desired

  • IT Leadership
  • IT Organizational Design & Governance
  • Technology Innovation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Business Performance Analysis/Business Intelligence
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Cognitive Computing/Artificial Intelligence