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Consider it Solved.

Consider it Solved.

Cimphoni’s team of highly experienced technology and business leaders enables organizations to successfully address the strategic threats and opportunities that confront businesses today while creating the intelligent and agile enterprises required to compete tomorrow.


We have the business and technology expertise to lead strategic initiatives, such as digitally transforming your business, implementing new technology-enabled operating models, optimizing your customer experience across all engagement channels and interaction points or capitalizing on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT.


We excel in high-pressure, time-constrained, challenging environments where leadership and experience are the difference between a successful outcome and failure. Because we have roots in both business and IT operations, we balance the need for a fact-based approach to assess opportunities and challenges together along with a sense of urgency that drives us to move quickly, capture early wins and develop the momentum to make progress toward the long-term vision.


Customer Experience
Strategic Consulting

  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience
  • Critical Initiative Leadership

Business Transformation
IT Transformation

  • Interim CIO, CTO & CDO
  • Future Technology Framework & Roadmap
  • IT Performance Improvement

Intelligent Enterprise
Intelligent Enterprise

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Process Automation


The Cimphoni team embraces the premise that technology can drive amazing innovation and transform businesses. These insights can be found in our white papers, produced by our highly experienced technologists and business leaders on subjects such as technology-enabled transformation, creating enterprise agility, improving customer experience, incorporating elements of machine learning (artificial intelligence), creating an "intelligent" enterprise, harnessing big data, and exploiting the Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing capabilities to improve products and services.

Modern Identity Management Promises to Improve BOTH Security and Customer Experiences

Security and regulatory compliance are no longer the enemy of effective and efficient customer experience design. In this white paper, learn how leading companies are providing a better CX while at the same time leveraging more secure forms of identity management.

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Customer-centric Business Transformation is the Key to Market Leadership

Businesses and entire industries have been turned upside down seemingly overnight by new market entrants that correctly identified and capitalized on ways to provide better customer experiences. Learn more about these success stories and how you can replicate them for your business in our latest white paper.

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Cloud Security – Extending Your Cyber Fortress to the Cloud

The transition to cloud computing is transforming business and IT departments worldwide, yet all too often, security is an afterthought. It shouldn’t be. Download this white paper to learn how to create a cloud-based cyber fortress, with layers of security to protect your organization’s assets.


The Four Dimensions of the Customer Experience

To succeed in today’s’ digital environment, companies must embrace the Customer Experience as an omni-channel composition of many interactions. In this white paper, explore the four dimensions of customer experience and gain practical insights for organizations just like yours.


Next Generation Customer Experience

The next generation of the customer experience will include artificial intelligence, augmented reality and amazing advances in the use of Personal Assistants, like Alexa, Siri and Cortana. Learn what’s coming next in this Cimphoni original white paper.


Building a Cyber Fortress to Protect Your Digital Assets

Data is the new currency of crime, and the growth of mobility, cloud computing, “bring your own device” policies and the Internet of Things are targets for cyber criminals. This white paper is a must-read for organizations concerned about the strength of their cybersecurity programs.


5 Key Steps to Align Customer Experience with Evolving Customer Expectations

Relentless customer expectations with the rapid pace of technology-driven innovations can create a constant battle for resources to invest in people, process and technology. This Cimphoni white paper explores the 5 Key Steps to Align Customer Experience with Evolving Customer Expectations.


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