Defining an Architecture That is Extensible, Scalable and Adaptable

Technology-led business innovation is rapidly changing the competitive landscape. Keeping up with emerging technologies and rapidly evolving business models can consume a great deal of executive “bandwidth”. Developing three to five-year technology strategic plans can often feel like a futile exercise as these plans become irrelevant within a few months after their creation. Additionally, the “care and feeding” of legacy technology consumes much of the traditional IT budget, leaving little room to innovate. Not to mention that many IT organizations are challenged to keep up with emerging technology and its role within the enterprise. Finally, there is often trepidation when it comes to deploying new technology given a less than stellar track record of failed or under-performing technology investments.

To address these challenges, a new approach is required. One that quickly assesses the relevance of emerging technology within the enterprise. One that targets specific business domains where innovation is required and continuously reprioritizes initiatives based on changing market conditions. One where new solutions can be implemented quickly and investment levels and risk are aligned. One that allows experimentation and related learnings. One where success builds momentum and support for future investments.

Cimphoni can assist businesses with these challenges through one or more of the following service offerings:

  • Emerging Technology & Application Assessments
  • Technical Architecture & Infrastructure Assessments
  • Future Technology Framework & Roadmap (short duration projects, innovation domains, experimentation)
  • Enabling Technology Platforms & Solutions (dev/ops, continuous delivery, micro-services)

If you need assistance defining the future technology architecture in your organization, Cimphoni can guide your team through the necessary steps. We can start with a “SnapShot” capability assessment across the business to discover and prioritize improvement opportunities. Or, if you have a specific area of the business that needs attention, we can start there as well.

Get Started with Our SnapShot Assessment

Cimphoni provides a cost-effective, low-risk engagement option that allows you to quickly advance your strategic objectives in alignment with your business, technical and financial requirements. Our SnapShot Assessment can be customized to your specific needs, but generally follows four steps.

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Is Your Technology Organization a Leader or a Laggard?

Today’s business landscape requires companies’ technology organizations to deliver capabilities that align with rapidly changing and aggressive business needs. Is it time for your technology function to add a partner that will enable you to more proactively drive your business?