Is Your Company Accidentally Tone-deaf to Your Customers?

How much will a failed customer experience cost you?

A recent incident in which a customer was dragged off an aircraft operated by one of the largest airlines in the world reminds us of why we must be so diligent about truly understanding the customer experience we create. It is also a stark reminder that any negative experience with your brand can instantly go

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10 Tips to Guide a Customer Experience Improvement Initiative

CIOs and CMOs Should Co-Lead Customer Experience (CX) Initiatives

CIOs are in a unique position to co-lead a customer experience (CX) improvement initiative. First, they generally have a good understanding of key business processes that engage and support customers across the entire CX lifecycle – from sales, to product and service provisioning to support. They also have a fairly good understanding of the business

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Three Tips to Evaluate Your Customer Experience

Voice of the Customer

If your customer service center frequently receives complaints about your order system, if you experience a high rate of customers abandoning the order process before completion, or, if your team regularly handles complaints about products and services on social media platforms, it’s time to get a clearer picture of your customer experience…and fast. That’s why

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