Why Bad Customer Experiences Escalate So Quickly

Mostly, customers are content to be compliant. But, when it goes bad, it can be disastrous for your brand.

The Frequency Illusion Perhaps you’ve never heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, but odds are you have experienced it.  Also known as the “frequency illusion,” it happens when we repeatedly notice something after first learning about it.  Maybe it’s a new word, and suddenly, you notice it in conversations, hear it on the morning news, and

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Three Tips to Evaluate Your Customer Experience

Voice of the Customer

If your customer service center frequently receives complaints about your order system, if you experience a high rate of customers abandoning the order process before completion, or, if your team regularly handles complaints about products and services on social media platforms, it’s time to get a clearer picture of your customer experience…and fast. That’s why

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