Deliver Compelling Experiences Across Preferred Engagement Channels

You read about company and even industry transformations taking place as a reaction to customer requirements and/or competitive threats. But how do business leaders juggle the demands of day-to-day operations while also determing the relevance of endless technology innovations so that they can determine if, when and how their business should transform, if at all? All of this taking place as customers’ expectations continue to increase with what can be described as an attitude of “I want what I want and I want it now!” Taking an outside-in, customer-centric approach to business transformation has repeatedly delivered sustainable market growth. Successful businesses understand the need to provide an exceptional Customer Experience (CX).

Cimphoni understands the underlying components of a successful CX strategy and we leverage our expertise to align your people, processes and technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Our focus is to enable your customers to engage with you on their own terms through their preferred engagement channels (e.g., voice, chat, mobile, email, physical). We’ll also identify opportunities to leverage the latest technology to remain one step ahead of your customers’ expectations while also leaping ahead of the competition – driving customer loyalty and increased revenue.

The following services are specifically focused on understanding the customer experience today and determining future business changes and investments necessary to create intensely loyal customers:

  • CX Strategy
  • Vendor Analysis & Selection
  • Customer Persona Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Interaction Scoring, Voice of the Customer Analytics & CX Index Design
  • Omni-Channel Communication Analysis
  • Marketing / Sales Automation & eCommerce
  • Workforce Optimization Technologies
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Automation (Chatbots, RPA)
  • Program Leadership & Operational Change Management
  • Employee Experience Analysis

If you need assistance improving the custome experience in your organization, Cimphoni can guide your team through the necessary steps. We can start with a “SnapShot” capability assessment across the business to discover and prioritize improvement opportunities. Or, if you have a specific area of the business that needs attention, we can start there as well.

Get Started with Our SnapShot Assessment

Cimphoni provides a cost-effective, low-risk engagement option that allows you to quickly advance your strategic objectives in alignment with your business, technical and financial requirements. Our SnapShot Assessment can be customized to your specific needs, but generally follows four steps.

SnapShot graphic

Want to Crush the Competition?

Cimphoni is all about seeing the opportunities for game changing innovations that will propel your business miles beyond your competition. Isn’t it time to transform your business to fully leverage people, process and technology and leave your competition in the dust?