Enterprise Transformation Underwritten by Technology

The pace of business transformation is accelerating as technology has become a catalyst for new business models and new ways of providing solutions and services to customers. Corporate executives face a mix of competitive pressures, quickly changing customer expectations and digital disruption and are recognizing that help is needed from experts who are as business savvy as they are technically capable.

Cimphoni’s consultants bring a track record of success in both business and IT leadership roles. They recognize that the alignment of business and IT is no longer optional as technology underpins much of what makes business competitive today. Cimphoni has the experience and credibility to serve as a unifying voice between these two groups. Our unique combination of business expertise and technical know-how enables us to consistently deliver truly transformational business outcomes.

Digital Transformation

Every business brings its own unique set of competencies and capabilities that enable it to compete effectively. Each company has its own context – that is to say its own strengths and weaknesses in the market. Cimphoni recognizes there is no “cookie cutter” approach to transforming businesses using digital technologies. Therefore, Cimphoni seeks to find the most relevant technology and business solutions that will distinguish companies from their competitors and create a compelling value proposition for customers.

Digital transformation today is really about harnessing the value of data. Using data and the insights gained from it to improve business performance, create new products and services, change operating models and stay close to evolving customer trends is the difference between winning and losing in today’s marketplace.

Cimphoni has experience to enable organizations to capture the value from becoming more digital. The following are just some of the Digital Transformation services that Cimphoni utilizes to identify, understand and address opportunities and challenges that your business faces:

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Business Process Design
  • Snapshot Capability Assessments
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Portfolio & Program Leadership
  • Business & Technology Alignment & Unification

Customer Experience

Industry transformations are happening all around us. Company leaders are juggling the demands of day-to-day operations with the most rapid pace and volume of technology innovations in history. These demands pull leaders in many directions as they try to set the course for their organizations’ future. But there is one area that, when executed successfully, has repeatedly delivered sustainable market growth; an enterprise understanding, alignment and commitment to providing an exceptional Customer Experience (CX). Are you ready for your organization to be a CX leader?

Cimphoni understands the underlying components of a successful CX strategy and we leverage our expertise to align your people, processes and technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Our focus is to empower your customers to engage with you on their own terms through their preferred engagement channels (e.g., voice, chat, mobile). We’ll also identify opportunities to leverage the latest technology to remain one step ahead of your customers’ expectations while also leaping ahead of the competition – driving customer loyalty and increased revenue. The following services are specifically focused on understanding the customer experience today and determining what business changes and investments are necessary in the future to create intensely loyal customers:

  • CX Strategy
  • Vendor Analysis & Selection
  • Customer Persona Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Interaction Scoring, Voice of the Customer Analytics & CX Index Design
  • Omni-Channel Communication Analysis
  • Marketing / Sales Automation & eCommerce
  • Workforce Optimization Technologies
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Automation (Chatbots, RPA)
  • Program Leadership & Operational Change Management
  • Employee Experience Analysis

Critical Initiative Leadership

Simply keeping your head above water seems to be a standard situation in many businesses these days. The pace of business and technology-driven change accelerates daily. Leaders within organizations juggle an array of priorities. But, there are business imperatives which must be executed successfully. Leading these corporate initiatives are where Cimphoni excels.

Cimphoni consultants are experienced C-level executives who love to roll-up their sleeves. With our extensive experience in program and change management, we drop into projects and hit the ground running.  Highly capable of working with executives, Cimphoni experts are able to synthesize top-level objectives, provide a clear implementation roadmap and lead teams to successful execution.

  • New Product Development and Launch
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – IT Focus
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Major / Critical Program Leadership
  • Project Recovery
  • Business Performance Assessments
  • Functional & Process Re-engineering & Design
  • Vendor Analysis & Selection
  • Change Management

Our Strategic Consulting Delivery Model

Strategic Consulting Delivery Model

Proven Results

Centralized Telephony

Centralized Telephony Improves Post-Merger Customer Experience

When a large consumer travel association merged, the organization discovered it had five disparate telephony platforms spanning multiple vendors four overlapping dial plans requiring new extensions for every employee and four distinct workforce optimization (WFO) vendors with a variety of operational processes. Cimphoni standardized and centralized telephony, workforce optimization and business processes for the organization’s contact centers and 140+ retail locations in 10 months, well ahead of the 18-24 month target. The new unified capabilities drove nearly $1 million in staffing efficiencies, and the unified platform improved the overall customer experience.

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CX at Sub-Zero case

Redefining the Customer Experience at Sub-Zero Wolf

Cimphoni enabled this privately-held luxury home appliance company to create seamless integration between its sales, marketing and showroom operations in order to improve the customer experience throughout its distributor and dealer networks. We also improved the company’s sales conversion through the design and implementation of improved sales processes, marketing automation and quoting capabilities, as well as implemented other best practice technologies that now enable the company to consistently measure campaign, showroom and dealer effectiveness.

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omni-channel CX 2

Transforming to an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

An association with 6 million members turned to Cimphoni for a multi-year initiative to streamline and evolve its customer experience across multiple lines of business and more than 170 locations. We spearheaded business strategy development, omni-channel customer experience (CX) design, the vendor selection process and the establishment of an ongoing program management structure. We were responsible for rationalizing disparate technology vendor platforms from 13 down to one and changing the technology organization’s mindset from favoring onsite solutions to embracing agile and cloud-based platforms. We also established a new organizational design, including the creation of a CX function that optimized the workforce around the new CX strategy.