Intelligent Enterprise

Preparing Your Business to Compete in an Uncertain Future

The next generation of enterprise performance will take today’s priority of digital transformation across the organization a step further – becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. The Intelligent Enterprise will be able to anticipate and meet both real time and predicted customer demands. Machine learning and data-driven insights regarding customers, products, services and solutions will fundamentally alter how business is done. Intelligent Process Automation will eliminate repetitive non-value-added activities.

Changes to organizational structures, leadership approaches, employee roles and work processes must evolve and go beyond the digital transformation of business operations. The nexus of people, process and technology must adapt in lockstep to be successful. Cimphoni can help your organization define its long-term and short-term strategies to unleash the potential of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Advanced Analytics

It is estimated that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years and that 80% of that data is unstructured and external to your organization. Unfortunately, traditional BI Tools are inadequate for the job. Next generation processing power and inexpensive cloud storage have given rise to sophisticated analytics tools which accel at finding nearly real-time answers hidden within massive amounts of data and provide the foundation for future AI initiatives.

Cimphoni has an array of technology experts to help you evolve your analytics capabilities. From aligning with operational users to understand threats and opportunities, to expanding the scope of useful data sources, to designing predictive and cognitive models, Cimphoni has the experience to elevate this critical foundational capability within your organization.

  • BI Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Warehousing & Architecture
  • Visualization & Self-Service
  • Governance & Data Quality
  • Business Alignment & Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Business Modeling/Scenario Planning


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is likely to be the most disruptive force in the next decade and companies that take a wait and see approach risk being left behind.

Hype abounds, but in the end it is about achieving business goals. Enough of the core technologies have now been proven out (think Alexa/Siri, autonomous vehicles, visual/voice recognition, etc.) that it is only a matter of time before enterprise adoption/disruption takes off. Rapidly evolving AI capabilities (speech recognition, computer vision, recommendation engines, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.) are being used to reinvent business strategies and deliver new competitive differentiations.

Whether you are just trying to figure out where to start or have completed several pilots and need to implement AI solutions at scale, Cimphoni can guide you through the process.

  • Educational Presentations/Workshops
  • AI Use Case Development
  • Platform, Architecture & Tool Selection
  • Snapshots & Data Viability Assessments
  • Pilot Projects & Proof of Concepts (POC)
  • Enterprise Deployment at Scale


Intelligent Process Automation

The last century was driven by the automation of manual labor but the next wave will be driven by the automation of knowledge work. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), also called Robotic Process Automation (RPA), uses software bots that operate on the user interface layer to automate non-value-added activities so people can focus on more value-added efforts.

Starting with the automation of individual tasks and activities, these new capabilities are opening up the potential to automate entire business processes. Whether your goal is to drive efficiencies, get more mileage out of your legacy systems, or quickly role out new capabilities, Cimphoni can assist by providing education on the evolving automation market, implementing these new capabilities and building a sustainable process automation model.

  • Educational Presentations/Workshops
  • Use Case / Business Case Development
  • Phase 1 – Process Discovery/Mapping
  • Phase 2 – Vendor Selection & POC
  • Phase 3 – Pilot
  • Phase 4 – Enterprise Grade Deployment
  • Phase 5 – Governance & Center of Excellence (COE)
Our Intelligent Enterprise Business Model

Want to Start Defining Your Future?

Successful businesses will develop data-driven capabilities that quickly sense, learn and adapt to changing market conditions, in ways that will propel them beyond the competition. Isn’t it time to transform your business into an Intelligent Enterprise?