Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise Really Means Something

Certainly, with any new technology hype abounds and AI certainly falls into this category. However, the business value of artificial intelligence is just starting to be understood, with compelling case studies showing up across numerous industries (e.g., Alexa/Siri, autonomous vehicles, visual/voice recognition, etc.).  Rapidly evolving AI capabilities (e.g., speech recognition, computer vision, recommendation engines, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.) are being used to reinvent business models and deliver new competitive capabilities. Companies that take a wait-and-see approach before investigating the relevance of AI in their business risk being left behind.

Whether you are trying to figure out where to start or have completed several pilots and need to implement AI solutions at scale, Cimphoni can guide you through the process and offer the following AI services:

  • AI Use Case Development
  • Platform, Architecture & Tool Selection
  • Snapshots & Data Viability Assessments
  • Pilot Projects & Proof of Concepts (POC)
  • Enterprise Deployment at Scale

If you need assistance with artificial intelligence in your organization, Cimphoni can guide your team through the necessary steps. We can start with a “SnapShot” capability assessment across the business to discover and prioritize improvement opportunities. Or, if you have a specific area of the business that needs attention, we can start there as well.

Get Started with Our SnapShot Assessment

Cimphoni provides a cost-effective, low-risk engagement option that allows you to quickly advance your strategic objectives in alignment with your business, technical and financial requirements. Our SnapShot Assessment can be customized to your specific needs, but generally follows four steps.

SnapShot graphic

Want to Start Defining Your Future?

Successful businesses will develop data-driven capabilities that quickly sense, learn and adapt to changing market conditions, in ways that will propel them beyond the competition. Isn’t it time to transform your business with advanced analytics?